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WC Johnson provides comprehensive investment, development, management, and brokerage services to a growing portfolio of real estate assets. The suite of services and level of sophistication we offer are not commonly found in organizations of our size. Investments in people and technology allow us to scale while avoiding the bureaucratic obstacles typically found at larger firms.   

Many investors see real estate as an opportunity to buy passive income. We take a more entrepreneurial approach by focusing on real estate with the opportunity to drive income and create value. This allows us to provide attractive risk-adjusted returns to our equity partners and sell stabilized assets to more passive investors. We believe the primary ingredients to realizing high, long-term risk adjusted returns are: aligned interests, investment discipline, professional capabilities, patience, integrity, and hard work.


Our Story

Based in Lakewood, CO, WC Johnson was founded in 2010 by Bill and Charlie Johnson. The brothers were born and raised in Janesville, WI in an entrepreneurial family with a focus on real estate. They both found their way to Colorado by way of CU Boulder, working together for several years for a local boutique real estate investment firm prior to founding WC Johnson.

In WCJ’s early days we balanced third party brokerage work with management and leasing for our small but growing portfolio. In 2012 we embarked on our first ground-up development, syndicated a value-add property acquisition, hired our first employee, and focused the company’s efforts on growing and managing our own portfolio.


    Today the investment and development portfolio has grown to span multiple markets and product types including industrial, office, retail, multi-family, land and mixed-use properties in Colorado, the Midwest, and Florida. 


  WC Johnson and our affiliates work hard to manage risk, maintain liquidity, and stay in position to execute when the right opportunity presents itself. To best align interests with partners, investors and lenders, our principals provide a significant portion of the cash equity in all of our projects.


This is our purpose, and not to be thought of in terms of "value-add" real estate investing; it goes much deeper than that.  We exist to add value to our team, investors, partners, tenants, vendors, and the communities in which we operate.  If we do this, the result will almost always be success in our investments.  Some of the ways in which we strive to accomplish this are:

Strive to add value in everything we do


Provide a great work environment, with autonomy, support, flexibility, and upward mobility.


Align interests, communicate openly and consistently, and make sound decisions.


Provide space and serve it well, be accountable, communicative, fair, and understanding.


Take time to understand, stay involved, and give back to the communities we operate within.


Be diligent, detailed, patient, opportunistic, and entrepreneurial in our investment decisions.


Understand clearly the terms, roles, responsibilities, and hold each other accountable within reason

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